2019-2020 Burton Family Tree Flight Attendant X Splitboard


Family Tree Flight Attendant X Splitboard

Powder | Directional

Sizes: 114 119

Profile: Camber to rocker Stiffness: 7/10

"When our shapers split the Burton Flight Attendant, they took a natural terrain slayer and set it loose into the backcountry habitat. Now take that freeride fury and crank it up to eleven with the same technology found in our Mystery models, like Mystery Glass for unmatched power and control, and an ultra-quick methlon base. All its free-ranging attributes – including a floaty, directional shape mixed with the comfort of a twin feel when cruising on a flat base – translate to unrestricted freedom in pillow stacks, cliff drops, and deep, untracked pow."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 114 119
Stance width mm 560 mm 560 mm
Waist width mm 252 mm 256 mm