2018-2019 Capita Navigator



Powder | Directional

Sizes: 147 151 155 158 161 164

Profile: Other

"Riding powder is like hiking into a backcountry camping trip. Once you’re past the trailhead, if you have the right gear there’s nothing better. If you have the wrong gear, there’s nothing worse. The Navigator is your fire starter; it is your compass that never fails. It is essential to the experience. Featuring a Parabolic sidecut that carves hard and flows into a sinking tapered tail, the wide-frame rockered nose naturally floats above deep snow and transforms tiring powder days into emotionally fulfilling, epic level experiences."

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Sizes available

Sizes cm 147 151 155 158 161 164
Stance width mm 588 mm 613 mm 613 mm 639 mm 639 mm 664 mm
Waist width mm 241 mm 245 mm 252.2 mm 256 mm 260 mm 264 mm