2018-2019 Endeavor B.O.D.



All mountain | Twin

Sizes: 143 146 149 152 154 156 157 W 158 160 W 162

Profile: Camber (Traditional)

"The BOD remains the best selling board in our collection and this year comes in with a TransWorld Snowboarding Good Wood award! The perfect blend of flex, power, pop and forgiveness combine to produce a board that really can do it all. Whether you're charging the slopes, hitting the park, navigating an icy chute or bombing a fresh line the B.O.D. will remain stable and responsive.

This performance all comes from the considered blend of construction, profile and shape. Our 3D camber profile combines traditional camber with a subtle 3D nose and tail with raised contacts points. The traditional camber between the feet gives stability and hard snow performance whilst the 3D shape in the nose and tail acts like the hull of a ship, lifting the BOD above soft snow. This allows you to tackle any terrain the mountains have to throw at you with confidence.

New for 1819 is our redesigned Smoothride Sidewall. This builds upon our original award winning technology and helps reduce our overall impact on the environment. A more efficient manufacturing process cuts waste without sacrificing the impact and vibration absorbing properties, helping to provide the smoothest ride possible. Fibreglass layups are also enhanced through the use of tri-axial glass that includes a pre-cured layer above the core for more response and torsional rigidity without adding weight. And of course it's all finished off with the Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment.

The graphic inspiration for the BOD comes from the unique texture found in vintage clothing. After finding a vintage denim jacket at the world famous Rose Bowl Market in Pasadena, California, Endeavor designer Max Jenke brought it back to the office and began translating it to 2 dimensional image that retains depth and continues to tell the story of a well loved and well worn item of clothing."

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Sizes cm 143 146 149 152 154 156 157W 158 160W 162
Stance width mm 533 mm 533 mm 584 mm 610 mm 610 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm
Waist width mm 242 mm 246 mm 247 mm 248 mm 249 mm 249 mm 260 mm 250 mm 261 mm 251 mm