2018-2019 Endeavor Live



All mountain | Twin

Sizes: 142 145 148 151 153 155 157 W 158 159 W 161 162 W 165 W 168 W

Profile: Camber (Traditional)

"The Live has been an Endeavor staple since year one. Designed for every rider, the Live offers power for riders who want performance without leaving behind those who want to develop their riding and push themselves to do more.

Traditional camber continues to rule the roost, providing the Live with increased precision, response and performance to keep you on top of your game. We have always believed in the unparalleled feeling that traditional camber produces in a snowboard and the Live is the embodiment of this belief. Beneath this you will find a full Poplar wood core, chosen for its lively feeling, consistent flex profile and predictable riding style.

New for 1819 is our redesigned Smoothride Sidewall. This builds upon our original award winning technology and helps reduce our overall impact on the environment. A more efficient manufacturing process cuts waste without sacrificing the impact and vibration absorbing properties, helping to provide the smoothest ride possible. Fibreglass layups are also enhanced through the use of tri-axial glass that includes a pre-cured layer above the core for more response and torsional rigidity without adding weight. And of course it's all finished off with the Channel mounting system for infinite stance adjustment."

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Sizes available

Sizes cm 142 145 148 151 153 155 157W 158 159W 161 162W 165W 168W
Stance width mm 533 mm 533 mm 584 mm 610 mm 610 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm
Waist width mm 238 mm 240 mm 249 mm 243 mm 247 mm 249 mm 260 mm 251 mm 262 mm 252 mm 263 mm 264 mm 265 mm