2019-2020 Endeavor Pioneer



Freestyle | Directional Twin

Sizes: 145 152 154 156 157 W 158

Profile: Camber (Traditional) Stiffness: 5/10

"The Pioneer is designed for advanced freestyle riders. With its new nose and tail shape, the Pioneer exemplifies our vision of a premium freestyle snowboard. Lighter, more responsive, and packing way more pop, the lightweight core and carbon beams create a stiffer ride than the Ranger while the multi camber keeps its playfulness. Be the first to clear the path for your crew.

Battersby Howatt is an award winning architecture firm across the street from the Endeavor office. David Battersby and Heather Howatt take an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to design. To celebrate this, we created a snowboard with their signature aesthetic elements utilizing screen printing processes."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 145 152 154 156 157W 158
Stance width mm 584 mm 609 mm 609 mm 609 mm 609 mm 609 mm
Waist width mm 239 mm 252 mm 254 mm 256 mm 265 mm 259 mm