2018-2019 Gentemstick INDEPENDENTSTICK Hayato “Bubbles” Maruyama Pro Model


INDEPENDENTSTICK Hayato “Bubbles” Maruyama Pro Model

Powder | Directional Twin

Sizes: 157

Profile: Other

"The true animus of neither being reliant nor belonging to anything. Being truly Independent. Now that "Freestyle" is no longer representing a truly "Free" style, we question the world with a new concept. Its solid black body, 100% symmetrical contour, outstanding and characteristic big square twin tips and its bottom system are all the new aspects of a truly all mountain free style board including the elements of powder and big mountain riding.

It has proven its high performance on natural terrain by finishing fist, by far, at the Niseko Natural Pipe Masters Contest.

2017-2018 UPDATE
We have added inserts to both feet, making the stance widen from 480-560 to 480-600. We can now accommodate wider stances, as well as added the option to set the stance further back, making the Independent Stick more versatile than ever."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 157
Stance width mm 560 mm
Waist width mm 252 mm