2018-2019 Gentemstick MOMENTUM



Powder | Twin

Sizes: 152

Profile: Other

"The original flexibility model brings out ductility and a bouncy snap.

It is the one high-performing board for the women rider that is keen on riding any terrain, from smooth resort groomers to rugged and bumpy afternoon slope as well as early morning fresh powder snow. It is positioned as the shorter version of the Maxforce, reliable in any terrain and accommodating any conditions. It will be the long-awaited model for the riders that fancy softer boards.

It will be an easy to control board for the lightweight riders as the board will gently bow across its length, even at slow speed, with the slightest power. Stability in rugged terrain will be improved without loosing the velocity, while the range of fun will increase thanks to its gentle and subtle drive."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 152
Stance width mm 520 mm
Waist width mm 240 mm