2019-2020 Gentemstick SUPER FISH OUTLINE CORE



All mountain | Directional

Sizes: 176

Profile: Camber to rocker

"The Outline Core version of the Super Fish has a stiffer feel compared to the regular Super Fish, but would hold the edge a touch better thank to its flex pattern. This board is ideal for longboard cruising style riding. The wide and long nose provides float in any conditions and the narrow and supple tail provides extended controllability.

The tail has been designed longer to adjust the balance in the overall balance of the board. Unlike the similar shaped long powder guns that only worked in deep powder, Gentemstick's board are all guaranteed to perform on groomers or hard-pack snow, and the Super Fish Outline Core is not an exception."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 176
Stance width mm 620 mm
Waist width mm 269 mm