2019-2020 Gentemstick T.T160



All mountain | Directional

Sizes: 160

Profile: Flat

"Gentemstick flagship's generational shift. The original TT model was designed in 1989, when snowboarding was still in its jibbing era's prime.

Its tail's sidecut and the tail-rocker got modified in 92, and revived in 98 using high response yet lightweight core. Some more modification has been done on the shape of the line from the nose-rocker to the flat camber in order to minimize friction, as well as flattened the tail-rocker to make the board more performing during high-speed riding. Finally, changes to the fiberglass and the basswood sublimated the TT model into its current shape.

Although the 247mm waist may sound a little narrow compared to the general mainstream boards, its classic design silhouette has remained the same. This new TT160 has been resized to improve maneuverability and match the present environment, such as improvement of riding skills, change in the snow quality, modification in boots design and amelioration of board manufacturing quality."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 160
Stance width mm 560 mm
Waist width mm 257 mm