2018-2019 Gentemstick T.T165 CLASSIC



Powder , Freeride | Directional

Sizes: 165

Profile: Flat

"he TT model’s outline has been shaped in 1989, and released in 1990. Its outline has gone through minor changes in the sidecut, bottom and tail rocker, but its length and width has been kept the same since the start. This original shape is now seen as a “Modern-classic design”. Its short round tail provides great maneuverability and an excellent release. Its pointy nose pulls out a solid and sharp spray. The sidecut and the rocker-line harmonize into a beautiful outline that has been polished out by pursuing the style to surf the snow without inhibition. It is the Flagship of Gentemstick for the hardcore snowsurfers riding this model in any condition. The omnificent icon of the new era. That is the TTmodel.

2017-2018 UPDATE
TT165 Classic?The TT165 Classic is now the same flex as the limitedly released 16-17 Softflex version.?Since the TT165 is a pretty narrow waisted model in the men's lineup, we used a softer profile to accommodates the needs of lighter-weight riders.?We adjusted the stiffness, not only at the tail, but throughout the board.?It is still solid enough to prevent nose flapping, but has been tuned into a more flexible feel.?Enjoy the drawn out turns as you put pressure on your backfoot at the end of the turn.
*TT165 women's flex is even softer than this regular TT165.

Note: The TTmodel is not a “powder only” board. Its design is orientated to ride three-dimensional terrains, such as banks or natural halfpipes. The condition snow can be powder, soft groomers or spring crud, but the more the surface condition becomes uniform and smooth the more will stand out its unparalleled riding performance. The edge-to-edge transition and the tail release is extremely quick thanks to its unique tail contour."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 165
Stance width mm 530 mm
Waist width mm 248 mm