2018-2019 Gnu T2B



Freestyle | Twin

Sizes: 152 155 155 W 158 158 W 162

Profile: Rocker w/ cambers

"Precise navigation at the Top, pow in the trees, 2 groomer carnage at the Bottom and all terrain in between. The T2B is a perfect one board quiver for almost anyone who loves to rip. Magne-Traction, Asymmetric balance and perfect C2 Banana Tech hybrid rocker/camber bottom contours…T2B a tight ship from Top to Bottom.

Art: Lukas Allen Cook @lucasallencook

• Top to Bottom a perfect, one board quiver
• Asymmetric balanced design reduces fatigue and improves performance
• Versatile C2 rocker/camber hybrid contour, rugged sustainably harvested core"

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Sizes available

Sizes cm 152 155 155W 158 158W 162
Stance width mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm
Waist width mm 251 mm 253 mm 260 mm 255 mm 260 mm 258 mm