2018-2019 K2 Manifest



All mountain , Freeride | Directional

Sizes: 153 156 159 162 157 W 160 W 164 W

Profile: Other

"Feeling just at home in the backcountry as it does in-bounds, the K2 Manifest Snowboard is the ultimate All-Terrain quiver killer. Its Directional Combination Camber Baseline™ offers float and maneuverability in powder and stability on hardpack thanks to the Triax ICG 20 Carbon Glass layup and added Carbon DarkWeb™.

Baseline: Directional Combination Camber
Volume Placement: Traditional Shaped Board
Board Shape: Directional
Core Construction: Bap Core
Sidewall: Hybritech
Fiberglass: Triax ICG20 Carbon Glass
Base Material: 4000-sintered
Inserts: 2X4
Features: Directional Combination Camber Baseline™, BAP Core, ICG 20 Triax Glass with Carbon, Carbon DarkWeb™, Sintered 4000 Base, 2x4 Inserts

Directional Combination Camber Baseline
New! The best of both worlds. By blending both traditional Camber and Rocker profiles, Combination Camber gives you all the benefits of both; the pop and precision camber, and the float and predictability of rocker. Available in Direction and Twin Combinations.

BAP Core
We've blended three species of renewable timber to assemble a core that's strong, lightweight, and designed to enhance dampening without the addition of other materials.

Integrating tip to tail carbon fiber stringers into fiberglass lay-ups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity. We offer ICG Glass in two variations; ICG 10 Biax and ICG 20 Triax.

Tech – ICG Glass
Carbon Dark Web
New! A carbon fiber lay-up that aids in energy transfer and stability, speeding up edge-to-edge transitions and keeping you in control in times of need.

4000 Sintered Base
Our sintered 4000 base absorbs wax deep into the material for relentless glide and unrivaled durability."

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Sizes cm 153 156 159 162 157W 160W 164W
Stance width mm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Waist width mm 248 mm 250 mm 252 mm 254 mm 260 mm 262 mm 264 mm