2018-2019 Korua Shapes Obelix



Powder , Freeride | Directional

Sizes: 157

Profile: Rocker

"This shape has been on our minds ever since we started KORUA. The positive outline combined with a full rocker makes this board a very different kind of ride and is focused mainly on powder and other forms of soft snow. In its element, it offers a new, very unique and fun sensation with solid performance. But as you can imagine the performance on hard snow is a little bit of a different story. We felt that, at the very least, you need the ability to cross some groomed slopes in order to reach that glorious powder run. To achieve this we added just a tiny sprinkle of sidecut that makes the board more rideable and controllable on-piste, all while keeping that unique surfboard feeling when riding powder. This is a true concept board that wants to be ridden by an experienced and open-minded rider. A team favorite and must-have for every quiver builder and powder junky."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 157
Stance width mm 640 mm
Waist width mm 284 mm