2020-2021 Korua Shapes Tugboat



All mountain , Freeride | Directional

Sizes: 151 167

Profile: Camber to rocker Stiffness: 6/10

"Our soft snow concept shape The Tugboat is a total game changer when it comes to riding powder. The massive width of the nose gives you extreme float like you've never felt before. An extremely strong taper and a tipping point on the base at the widest part of the board – along with the matching radius – makes it more agile, lively, and lets you react a lot faster than what you'd expect from a wide board like this. The deep swallow-tail provides a looser feel, more lift and a fast look to the shape. The Tugboat also features our brand new channel base that makes this short board more stable at higher speeds and gives it more grip in softer snow. By stripping our powder boards of conventional metal edges, you are offered a system that is focused more specifically on soft- and powder snow. This makes the board lighter, faster and more stable. The classic sidecut allows the board to still carve well on groomed slopes. The only thing it dislikes is solid icy conditions. The P-TEX Edge can be retuned using a standard edge tuning file. In case powder is your first priority and you don't care much about riding on ice, this is a must-have for the good days and a perfect addition to your “regular” board."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 151 167
Stance width mm 640 mm 640 mm
Waist width mm 291 mm 286 mm