2019-2020 Moss Snowstick Wing Pin 75


Wing Pin 75

Powder | Directional

Sizes: 175

Profile: Other

"Wing, Pintail, Longboard, all in one. A softer flex in the longer length with the addition of the wings, allows for the board to be very responsive and maneuverable. A shorter effective edge and narrower waist provides a surprisingly nimble ride, feeling much shorter than its overall 175 length. The rockered nose and wing-tail make for easy turn initiation and transition. The three suggested binding settings are meant to replicate different surf styles, making this an extremely unique board. Setting A: A traditional feel that anyone an relate to and have fun with. Setting B: A narrower stance with more torsional foot control for quick and responsive turns. Setting C: For those rose rider. With a longer tail that carries less weight, this setting is similar to riding a shortboard; surfy but torsionally responsive."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 175
Stance width mm 520 mm
Waist width mm 262 mm