2019-2020 Moss Snowstick Wing Swallow 49


Wing Swallow 49

Powder | Directional

Sizes: 149

Profile: Other

"Short board, big ride. With the desire for a shorter board that is highly versatile and responsive at speed, the Wing Swallow was born. The wide convex nose and tapered shape maximizes floatation and lets you plow through deep powder effortlessly without slowing down. The progressive sidecut, in conjunction with a playful medium flex, helps in driving through the arc of turns, accelerating into the next with ease. The wing is the finishing component of the sidecut that improves traction and control during turns on firmer conditions, and the swallow tails helps bite into the surface of snow, allowing for flowy maneuver on softer conditions. Wherever you are on the mountain, this board rips, surfs, and rallies through it all."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 149
Stance width mm 580 mm
Waist width mm 262 mm