2020-2021 Rome Party Mod


Party Mod

Freestyle , All mountain | Twin

Sizes: 153 156 159 157 W

Profile: Flat w/ rockers Stiffness: 6/10

"New for this season, the Rome Party Mod is an easy pressing, keg-standing, absolute rager of a board. Designed with all of the snap and response of a Mod but mellowed out with a butter friendly Contact Rocker profile. The Rome Party Mod just wants to have a good time. After all, isn’t that what’s it’s all about?"

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 153 156 159 157W
Stance width mm 613.4 mm 643.4 mm 638.8 mm 613.4 mm
Waist width mm 252.4 mm 254 mm 255.7 mm 264.6 mm