2020-2021 Ride Agenda



All mountain , Freestyle | Twin

Sizes: 149 152 155 158 154 W 157 W 161 W

Profile: Other

"The Agenda is a lot of board for the value. Designed with progression in mind The Agenda's twin hybrid rocker has camber between the bindings for snap and control with rocker at the tip and tail, providing effortless turn initiation and performance. Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increase durability. A Foundation™ Core features tip-to-tail Aspen for proven durability that retains pop and flex. The Agenda is designed with a softer flex to allow beginner to intermediate riders to focus on progression all over the mountain."

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Sizes available

Sizes cm 149 152 155 158 154W 157W 161W
Stance width mm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Waist width mm 250 mm 251 mm 252 mm 253 mm 260 mm 262 mm 263 mm