2018-2019 Rome Gang Plank Len


Gang Plank Len

All mountain | Twin

Sizes: 155

Profile: Other

"Len Jorgensen’s unique approach to riding is a perfect example of the Gang Plank—creativity and fun dominate his approach regardless of where his board takes him. Flat between the feet and rockered in the nose and tail, the Gang Plank has a loose, have-fun attitude towards every spot on the mountain. To balance this freestyle-heavy feel, we inlay bamboo HotRods into the core to give it more pop for carves and ollies. For riders who want a very playful approach to riding the mountain from peak to park, the Gang Plank is choice for the daily driver within the quiver."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 155
Stance width mm 615 mm
Waist width mm 254 mm