2022-2023 Rome Gang Plank


Gang Plank

Freestyle | Twin

Sizes: 148 153 156 154 W 157 W

Profile: Flat w/ rockers Stiffness: 6/10

"The Gang Plank is designed for riders who wanted a buttery smooth mellow flexing board to turn the whole mountain into a park. Built with our Contract Rocker camber profile, Flax Impact Plates and the easy pressing Bamboo Omega HotRods, the Gang Plank is built to tweak, bonk and press its way through whatever the day brings."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 148 153 156 154W 157W
Stance width mm n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Waist width mm 249 mm 252 mm 254 mm 262 mm 264 mm