2018-2019 Slash ATV



All mountain , Freestyle | Directional Twin

Sizes: 151 154 156 158 159 W 161 163 W

Profile: Camber (Traditional)

"The Forever Wood Core is flyweight and flight ready

This is the original Slash craft—a flyweight, reactive and mighty directional twin. It has a positive camber profile for stout ollies and pure carves. The Forever Core consists of a hybrid mix of high-end woods (paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar) for a tough, lightweight and attuned feel. Its outer shell of Reactive Flex fiberglass not only delivers robust pop lengthwise, but also adds a dynamic flex from heel to toe for more bite in carves and better torsional steering. The Buried Treasure blend of carbon fiber, Kevlar and basalt additives underfoot extend towards the edges and tips to propel response and rebound, while also allowing for a thinner core without sacrificing strength. Its deep sidecut generates swift slashes and the subtle traction bump bites through rough snow. The launch sequence is loaded. The coordinates are set. This is the spaceship for now."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 151 154 156 158 159W 161 163W
Stance width mm 620 mm 620 mm 640 mm 640 mm 660 mm 640 mm 660 mm
Waist width mm 249 mm 251 mm 253 mm 253 mm 260 mm 255 mm 263 mm