2019-2020 Slash Spectrum



Freestyle | Twin

Sizes: 148 151 153 W 154 157

Profile: Camber (Traditional) Stiffness: 4/10

"Redesigned with more pop and precision, the all-new Spectrum brings a fresh outlook to familiar terrain. We beefed up the board’s chassis by adding positive camber for more refined control and ollie juice.

The board still retains its soft, feel-good flex that makes it playful, easy to press, butter and jib, but now it has more power on tap. Part of that new energy reserve also comes from the Carbonbon layup of car bon fiber stringers underfoot. These s tringers boost your ollies and edge c ontrol, of fering a lively feel around the bindings.

At the heart of t he board is a Pop wood core filled with premium poplar for a c onsistent flex and a bac kbone of beech stringers from tip t o tail. It’s packaged in a freestyle true-twin shape t hat’ll change the way you look at terrain."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 148 151 153W 154 157
Stance width mm 610 mm 610 mm 630 mm 630 mm 660 mm
Waist width mm 247 mm 249 mm 259 mm 252 mm 254 mm