2018-2019 Smokin KT-22 Split


KT-22 Split

Freeride | Twin

Sizes: 152 156 159 159 W 162 162 W

Profile: Other

"The culmination of more than a decade of shred service as the all-mountain flagship super charger of the Smokin line, the 2019 KT-22 is built to excel in all aspects of modern freeriding. The twin tip shape gives you the same versatility as a park board, forwards or backwards, but its slightly directional core and Early Rise profile offers the stability, pop, and charging power traditional bigger boards are known for. Simply put, the 2019 KT-22 is built for turning the most intense terrain into a backcountry playground."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 152 156 159 159W 162 162W
Stance width mm 622 mm 622 mm 622 mm 622 mm 622 mm 622 mm
Waist width mm 245 mm 248 mm 253 mm 262 mm 253 mm 262 mm