2019-2020 Snoplanks Asym Fish


Asym Fish

Powder | Directional

Sizes: 166 159

Profile: Camber (Traditional)

"Inspired by surf this dynamic shape is unlike anything else you have ever ridden. The unique outline utilizes varying edge lengths and sidecuts to assist in turn initiations and hold. On the toe side, the longer edge towards the tail and nose give more edge hold on long drawn-out bottom turns, which puts more force and speed into your heel side turns without any effort thanks to the deeper sidecut and shorter contact points. What that means is that while this board truly thrives on deep powder days, the fun shape also allows for aggressive bottom turns and powerful pop off side hits and wind lips. The high volume rockered nose plows over thigh-deep snow without skipping a beat, while the medium flex, poppy core, and sintered base keep you charging with confidence on hard pack conditions. A tree riding favorite and our flagship powder board, this is a must add to any quiver."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 166 159
Stance width mm n/a n/a
Waist width mm 270 mm 250 mm