2020-2021 Rome Stale Mod


Stale Mod

Freestyle , All mountain | Twin

Sizes: 153 156 159 157 W

Profile: Camber (Traditional) Stiffness: 8/10

"The Stale Mod is better known as the Podium Topper AKA the Back 14 Stomper AKA the Positive Cambered Enforcer AKA the Board Found Under Ståle’s Feet on Contest Day. This Rome OG has been a staple in our line for years due to its unparalleled power and high-speed predictability. Step to big jumps with confidence and put the landing gear down with the Rome Stale Mod."

Other Seasons

Sizes available

Sizes cm 153 156 159 157W
Stance width mm 613.4 mm 613.4 mm 638.8 mm 613.4 mm
Waist width mm 252.4 mm 254 mm 255.7 mm 264.6 mm